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If we seek to obtainconsecutive sales, we must concentrate on reaching theright people.

It is very common for companies to obtain a large number of inquiries from contacts that do not meet the customer profile they are looking for.

We must stop wasting time and energy (our most valuable resources) onactions that don't work:

Cold calling.

Be on all social networks.

Pay for advertising without return.

x Running out of energy and time to focus on what is important.

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So… What change should we make?

It is important to detect what medium our client is in and focus on it.

But, for it to work, in addition to focusing on the right channel, it will be necessary to develop a ofclear and different erta to connect with the clients we are looking for.

P   R   OR   C   E   Y   OR   S

After finding the channel and having developed the irresistible proposal for that ideal client, we will have to generate and automatePROCESSES to then be able to climb.

¿Cómo trabajamos en Atypica?

We combine years of knowledge and experience inBRANDING andADVERTISING to focus on what really matters to companies:


Increase the SALESwith the lowest possible investment.

Look for OPPORTUNITIESimprovement (for this, we work in a personalized way for each company, developing effective systems to achieve their objectives).

Discover the STRATEGIESthat work.

Carry out FOLLOW-UPand MEASUREMENTSto optimize investment continuously.

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